Manufacturer Of
Sintered Bushes &
Powdered Metal Structural Parts
Powder Metallurgy
Iron, Iron Graphite, Phosphorous iron steel, Nickel steel, copper steel, copper infiltrated steel, Brass, Bronze etc & as per MPIF Standard 35 IS: 3980-1982, etc.

Secondary Operations

Some secondary operations to improve Sintered Structural Part’s properties: Repressing sizing or coining the part can improve the strength and produce closer tolerances.

Oil Impregnation: When used on a lower density part can aid in high wear applications.

Resin Impregnation: Can aid in mach inability of certain Sintered materials.

Heat Treat: Can improve wear and strength.

Steam Treating: Improves Strength, wear and corrosion resistance.

Blackening: Improves corrosion resistance.

Oil Dipping: Improves corrosion resistance.

Plating and Dry Film Lubes: Can improve wear and corrosion resistance.